Silver Valet

small/medium car £70

Large/4x4 £80

Interior :-
Upholstery, carpets & mats vacuumed and shampooed (boot if empty)
Dash and all trim cleaned & dressed
Internal windows cleaned
air freshner spray and hanging air freshner added
Exterior :-
Citrus pre wash
2 bucket hazsafe hand wash

Tar removal 
Hand dried

Vehicle hand polish
Wheels and arches cleaned

Dog hairs and heavily soiled cars may incur an extra charge


Ceramic wax can be added to exterior and wheels for an extra charge

Heavily soiled & heavily tarred vehicles may incur an extra charge, please state before.

Dog hairs may also incur an extra charge, please state before

I use top quality products, mainly AutoBrite Direct who are fast becoming the number 1 manufacturer of car cleaning products.

These products help maintain the shine of your vehicle and protect the paintwork from grime and contaminants as well as making it easier to clean your vehicle in the future.