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New Car Protection Treatment

Pre detail total inspection.

Rinse to remove any loose dirt

Full citrus wash of the vehicle

Full snowfoam wash of the vehicle with all intricate parts of the car agitated to loosen dirt.

All wheels washed using PH Neutral products

Wheel arches washed 

Vehicle washed using the 2 bucket method and lambswool mitt

Vehicle Hand Dried using microfibre drying towels

Iron contaminants removed using de ironizer

Tar removed using Tar remover

Any further contaminants removed with a full clay bar of the vehicle

Paintwork cleaned down using IPA

Vehicle paintwork sealed using your choice of wax

Wheel sealant applied

Glass sealant applied if required

Final wipe down using a Gloss enhancer

Tyre Dressing applied

From £300 1-2 days work

Ceramic Wax and Ceramic Sealant available at an additional charge

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