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Paintwork Correction

People ask "what's the difference between a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Paint Correction, Paint Defect Removal or Machine Polishing?. If you are a detailer or enthusiast, you may already know that this refers to how many pad/polish combinations we use to complete a job.


Although abrasive technology is changing very quickly and the introduction of diminishing abrasives can and sometimes do alter the stages somewhat, here is a general break down of the 3 different stages as they would be using traditional cutting grades.

Before any paint correction is undertaken, a thorough wash and decontamination of the vehicle is performed. Paintwork is properly washed and cleaned to remove any loose dirt and debris, then after the wash process is clayed with a specialist clay bar, which safely removes any bonded surface contaminants such as tar spots and industrial fallout.


Some scratches or imperfections may actually be too deep or severe to safely remove without risking removing to much surface paint or clear coat and so are minimized and reduced as best as possible using techniques with the machine polisher and polish products that round off the edges of the scratches and make them far less apparent in direct light.


After correction, the panels are wiped down with an isopropyl alcohol which removes any oils that may have been left over from the polish and reveals the true finish, including any areas that may have been missed or require a little more work. Once complete, fully corrected paintwork will shine brilliantly and produce stunning reflections because there are now no longer any scratches and imperfections to scatter and reflect the light rays off in different directions.

Is your paintwork full of swirls, light scratches or imperfections ? You should consider X-KOTE this will totally remove all swirls,light scratches and imperfections while at the same time renewing your paintworks original laquer and returning it to full strength.

Each time you machine polish a vehicle your are effectively making the laquer coating slightly thinner.


From £100 1-5 days work

Ceramic wax and Ceramic sealant available

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