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X-KOTE is Originator of the hand-applied clear coat industry, with over 15 years in business.
What is X-KOTE? It is the SAME clear coat that is already on your vehicle.
A thin layer goes on top of your original clear coat, it fills in the wear & tear and self-levels within seconds.
It chemically & permanently bonds to the original clear coat and forms a glossy, scratch-free surface.
X-KOTE is an Easier, Faster and more Economical way to achieve that "Brand New" look.
It's like getting a brand new paint job, in one day!
Don't RePaint it, X-Kote it!


PLEASE NOTE: X-Kote is NOT a DIY (Do It Yourself) product. It is a "Professional Only" Service.
X-Kote is only applied by fully trained and qualified X-Kote technicians.
Every "X-KOTER" is a Certified X-KOTE Dealer/ Installer.
They have attended and passed an intense, hands-on X-Kote Training Class.
X-Kote as a service, is only available at Certified X-Kote Centers


Checkout the X-Kote videos on youtube

Available from £350

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